Flitrap Value Pack of Fly Traps


Flitrap Value Pack of Fly Traps


FlyTrap Value Pack – Includes 2 Fly Traps and 4 Pots of Fly Bait. This pack offers excellent value when buying the worlds most effective, organic flytrap.


No More annoying flies Inside and Outside!

FliTrap works by using a  specially formulated bait to lure flies into it. The flies find the bait totally irresistible and it will head for the device. The trap has 4 funnelled entrances leading into it around the top of the unit just underneath the lid. Flies enter the device through these cleverly designed funnelled entrances and then find it nearly impossible to escape. Before long the flies fall into the water used to mix the bait and die. Unlike other traps on the market the FliTrap is used in an outdoor position which means flies are less likey to even make it indoors and therefore have less chance of spreading the thousands of diseases they carry.

Flies follow each other. They watch each other constantly, if one finds food, others will gather. This fact is a big part of the success of the FliTrap, as it traps the flies alive and their buzzing activity in the trap attracts many other flies to the trap.

The buzzing flies release their own natural pheromones which aid in luring even more unwitting insects to the trap. Fly control can be divided into two main areas: Prevention and Eradication; both are aimed at some point in the life cycle of the fly.

Extensive use of insecticides has caused many housefly populations to develop resistance to chemicals that formerly killed them. Today it is recognized that chemical insecticides not only harm the environment but pose a real threat to children and adults.

Key Features

  • Requires no electricity
  • Works fast
  • Safe for human, environment and pets
  • Re-useable
  • Effective on 120,000 different species of flies
  • Economical
  • Money back guarantee
FliTrap has proven so effective that we have no hesitation in offering it to you totally risk free! If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase in any way at all we will completely refund your purchase, no questions asked. We believe this guarantee is not offered by any other Fly Trap manufacturer in the world!

Additional information

Weight 650 kg
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