The world’s most effective fly trap

Finally get rid of flies inside and outside!

Within just a few days of positioning your FliTrap, flies will become attracted to the specially designed bait inside luring them into the device. The flies enter the trap through small holes and once inside are unable to escape due to the ingenious design. 

FliTrap works on 120,000 different species! Whatever your fly problem you will see a dramatic impact quickly, reducing the breeding cycle and making your home and business a fly free zone.

Discover why FliTrap is the premier solution for fly control.

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FliTrap - Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other queries please contact us and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have!

Is FliTrap safe around children and pets?

As FliTrap is completely environmentally friendly and contains no harmful chemicals it is perfectly safe for use around humans and animals alike. The bait is made from completely natural sources and although it wouldn't taste very nice, is it completely non-toxic.

How long does the bait last?

The amount of time the bait lasts for depends on many factors, we usually find you can expect a bait to last anywhere between 6 to 10 weeks depending on the season and how severe your fly problem is.

Where is the best place to position the FliTrap?

FliTrap has been specifically designed to be positioned in an outdoor position with exposure to wind and sunlight. The better the airflow the better the trap works as the pheromones carry in the air further for the fly to pick up.

How long does the trap take to work

The amount of time it takes for the trap to start working will vary depending on the conditions in which it is placed. Please note that after mixing the bait with water it can take a few days for the FliTrap to start working 100% effectivly and trapping the flies.

How does FliTrap work?

FliTrap works by using a specially formulated bait to lure flies into it. The flies find the bait totally irresistible and head straight for the device. The trap has 4 funnelled entrances leading into it around the top of the unit just underneath the lid. Flies enter the device through these cleverly designed funnelled entrances and then find it nearly impossible to escape. Before long the flies fall into the water used to mix the bait and die. Unlike other traps on the market the FliTrap is used in an outdoor position which means flies rarely make it indoors, and therefore have less chance of spreading the thousands of diseases they carry.

Will FliTrap get rid of flies from inside my house/building?

Yes, even though you position the FliTrap outside the house/building you will find the FliTrap becomes interest for the flies instead of them coming inside seeking food. The problem with indoor fly traps is they do nothing to trap the fly outside beforehand. The fly then enters the house or building looking for food. The life span of a fly is around 30 days and inside a house or property they rarely live much more than a few days. By trapping flies outside you will notice a dramatic difference inside and as the trap works your fly problems will be solved. Open windows and doors open are the most common ways of flies entering the house/building. You will find the flies that are inside will pick up the odour and pheromones from outside and find their way to the trap as long as they can escape through an open window or day.

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